Ranger 4-Bar Truck Tire Inflation Cage RIC-4716

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Tire Inflation Cages by Ranger

RIC-4716 (5150315)

4-Bar Tire Inflation Cage

The RIC-4716 inflation cage is a crucial, life-saving piece of equipment that must be used during the inflation of a tire. Tire explosions are deadly, and only a ruggedly constructed tire cage can prevent catastrophic damage in a worst-case scenario.

The Tire Inflation Cage You Trust

The RIC-4716 inflation cage is designed using 2-3/8” diameter, high-yield, seamless steel tubing with expansion properties to ensure strength, durability and safety. The gradual upper-arched mandrel bent tube design yields maximum space and is engineered to withstand and contain wheel and tire projectiles under extreme tire ruptures, preventing potential injuries or deaths. The RIC-4716 stands 49.5″ tall and 21” wide and features four welded-steel bars in order to meet the demands of all wheel service shops. It can handle tires with a maximum width of 16″ and maximum diameter of 47″, delivering full-capability performance. A solid-steel welded-steel base features a full-width angle-iron wheel cradle to keep the wheel safely contained within the inflation cage during all inflation procedures.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Exploding tires have a high potential for severe injury and death. Tire inflation safety cages are a mandatory precaution for safe tire inflation. Tire inflation cages provide valuable protection and exceed the OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.177 for servicing multi-piece and single-piece rim wheels. ALWAYS follow all warning and product instructions when using any inflation cage in order to prevent potential injuries or deaths.

Features & Specs

  • Accommodates hub assemblies up to 9.5” wide
  • 2-3/8” diameter, high-yield, seamless steel tubing
  • 4-Bar welded-steel construction
  • Solid-steel welded-steel base
  • Four tubular steel base frame supports keeps cage elevated off the floor to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Full-width angle-iron wheel cradle
Max Tire Width – 16” 
Max Tire Diameter – 47” 
Height – 49.5” 
Width – 21” 
Depth – 27”
Shipping Dimensions – 30” x 24” x 60” 
Shipping Weight – 256 lbs 


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