In-Ground Lift Magnesium Tank Float and Hook




In-Ground Lift Tank Float & Threaded Hook

Low Oil Float with 1/4″-20 Threads in the Top that Hook threads into…

This magnesium float often referred to as aluminum is designed for use in hydraulic cylinder lift or hoist air/oil tanks with a perforated tube that contains and facilitates vertical travel of the float within tank based on oil level. If oil in the tank becomes too low the float will nest in a precision machined seat at the bottom tank and stop the flow of air from reaching the hydraulic cylinder assembly. Since air is compressible, if air reaches the hydraulic cylinder it will result in an erratic motion of the cylinder itself that can be very dangerous. The air can compress and once the air pressure overcomes the friction within the cylinder, it will decompress and cause rapid and uncontrolled “hopping” cylinder movement that can cause the dangerous situation with the vehicle being lifted.  All tanks should have the float installed and working properly.

Contaminants in the oil can cause pitting corrosion in the body of the float over a long period of time. A ¼”-20 hook is included that can be threaded into the threads provided on the top of float at initial installation. If in the event the float should corrode and sink, the hook allows for easy retrieval for replacement of the failed float.

This style of float was used by almost all in-ground lift Manufacturers.


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