Forward BP9 Low-Ceiling Two-Post Lift

$7,609.00 $5,707.00



Symmetric Arms & Columns, Chain Driven – non-overhead.

Includes Quick Change Height Adapters.

BP9 Two-Post Lift Features:
The BP9 9,000 lbs. capacity lift is perfect for customers who need a two-post lift and have low ceilings. The BP9’s overall height is 111 1/4 inches tall. That means it will fit, even if you have 10 foot ceilings. The BP stands for base plate indicated by the steel plate that run between the two columns of the lift. This plate protects the cables that would normally run overhead on any other two-post lift. This allows for shorter columns, hence the lower ceiling height requirement.

This is a commercial grade car lift and should not be confused with any other cheap two-post vehicle lift. This is a Forward Lift® so it has been engineered to perform and built to last!

Additional Features:

Dual hydraulic cylinders
Low-Profile Threaded Adapters
Carriage latch system – engages every 3″
Secondary lock system includes a spring actuated slack chain locking device
Adapter extensions included
Powder coat, oven baked finish

Standard Lift Colors RED or BLUE


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