SPX Fenner Power Unit For “Hunter Scissor Rack”

$1,495.00 $998.00



SPX Fenner Power Unit Set Up For “Hunter SCISSOR Rack” 220V Single Phase Power Unit has 4 gallon Tank and 3350 psi relief valve for Hunter SCISSOR Rack ONLY

Make sure your particular Hunter Lift needs only Four Gallons Of Oil for it’s Operation If it requires more than four gallons call us at 630-678-9010 and we will help you get the correct unit.

SPX Power Unit with 4 gallon tank for Hunter SCISSOR Rack (ONLY) with 3350 psi relief valve

2.1 Gallons per Minute flow rate.
208-230 volt single phase. 60 hz.
2 hp 3450 rpm motor (3.5 hp motor torque equivalent).
4 gallon tank.
Compatible with standard hydraulic oil or Dexron II transmission fluid .
Cartridge type high pressure relief valve, 3350 psi.
Pump outlet can be on either side of unit to allow pressure line to be mounted in the same manor your current power unit uses..
3/8″ pipe thread port for lifts that have a cylinder vent return to tank.
Universal mounting bracket.
1 year Mfg. Warranty
Made in the USA.


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