Saylor-Beall Air Compressor VT-735-120





Saylor-Beall Air Compressor VT-735-120 with Vertical 120 Gallon Tank

100% Made In The USA!

Heavy Duty Long Lasting 705 Two-Stage Cast Iron Pump, 5 Horsepower Single or Three Phase Motor

  • 208-230 volt 1 or 3 phase 5 HP. Single Phase or Three Phase Motor
  • Space-Saving Vertical 120 Gallon Tank
  • Magnetic Starter Included
  • 17.3 CFM at 175 PSI
  • 705 Pump, 845 RPM available Splash Lubricated or Pressure Lubricated

Saylor Beall industrial two stage industrial air compressors are built with pride. 

All Saylor-Beall reciprocating air compressors are proudly “Made In The USA” and rank among the best air compressors in the world.

– CYCLINDER HEAD, Finned Cast Iron, Disc Style Valves Serviceable from Top
– CYLINDERS; Finned Cast Iron – Precision Honed
– INTERCOOLER; Sturdy Finned Cast Iron
– CRANKSHAFT; Cast Iron, Ground; Polished Journals
– CONNECTING RODS; With Replaceable Precision Type Automotive Inserts, Replaceable Needle Bearings (Wrist Pin)
– PISTONS; L.P. Aluminum, H.P., Cast Iron
– PISTON RINGS; Three Compression, One Oil

Pump Options
– CENTRIFUGAL UNLOADER; No Load Start (Optional) – Pressure Oil Lubrication (Optional)

USA MADE! 100% machined, assembled, and tested for quality in St. Johns, Michigan. 

NOTE: As of 7-15-22 Saylor-Beall Has a 10 to 16 Week Build Time for All Compressor Models. They Are Shipped as Soon as The Paint is Dry…

Additional information

Weight 837 lbs
S/B VT-735-120

VT-735-120 Splash Lube, Single Phase, VT-735-120 Splash Lube, Three Phase, VT-PL-735-120 Pressure Lube, Single Phase, VT-PL-735-120 Pressure Lube, Three Phase, VT-735-120-FP The Whole Shebang! Single Phase, VT-735-120-FP The Whole Shebang! Three Phase, VT-PL-735-120-FP The Whole Shebang! Single Phase, VT-PL-735-120-FP The Whole Shebang! Three Phase


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