Rotary Original Trio “RA” (Round Adapter) Arm Adapter Kit T100272 (Set of Four)

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Rotary Original "Trio Round Adapter" For Rotary Trio Type Arms Only

Rotary Lift T100272 Adapter Set 1-1/2" Diameter Nesting Pin Fits SPOA10 lifts w/ 3 Stage trio arms 800 Series And above and SL210-1000 series With Trio Arms

  • Rotary Lift T100272 round Adapters with 1-1/2" pin size for newer lifts with "Trio Arms". 
  • If you have the older 3 stage arms They used a 2" diameter pin size and these 1-1/2" pin Adapters WILL NOT FIT your lift.
  • Original NEW Adapters From Rotary Lift. Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • This kit consists of (4) FJ6219 adapters and mounting bracket
  • Adapters thread up to protect the vehicle undercoating, eliminating metal-to-metal contact



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