Ranger Parts Washer Cabinet RS-750D-601 #5155118 208-230V, 1-Phase, 60hz


Spray Wash Cabinet / HD Truck Dual-Heaters / Low-Water Shutoff / 208-230V, 1-Phase, 60hz

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Spray Wash Cabinets by Ranger

RS-750D (5155118)

Truck Spray Wash Cabinet With Skimmer / Deluxe / Dual-Heaters / Low-Water Shutoff

This powerfully versatile, 53-gallon capacity spray wash cabinet degreases even your filthiest car parts in no time. The incredible 1,000-lb. weight capacity holds some of the biggest car, truck and SUV parts on the market. Comes with free bucket and soap.

Sometimes a product is designed so well, hardly anything needs to change. That’s how we felt about the RS-500D parts washer, but we also realized that some car and truck components are just too massive to fit in the cabinet. Plus, a larger enclosure means more parts can get washed in fewer cycles. That’s why we made the RS-750D, the 53-gallon, 1,000-lb. capacity parts washer to end all parts washers. This machine is truly massive. It stands over 6’ tall and has that coveted look of power you want in your shop. It’s not just looks, of course. The RS-750D holds twice as much weight as the RS-500D and features a longer spray system to accommodate the increased size. That means a larger supply of bigger components gets just as clean as before. The only difference is that now you can save time by washing more stuff at a time.


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