Ranger Motorcycle Lift RML-1500XL




BendPak / Ranger “Super-Stretch” Motorcycle Lift – RML-1500XL

Motorcycle Lift Platform With Front Wheel Vise / Deluxe Extended

The RML-1500XL motorcycle lift offers an incredible 1,500-lb. lift capacity.

It boasts exceptionally large platform to handle virtually any motorcycle or ATV in its weight class.

*Lifting capacity: 1,500 lbs.
*Power supply: Air/Hydraulic
*Main platform length: 89″ 
*Main platform length with front extension: 102″
*Main platform width: 30″
*Overall width with side decks: 53″ 
*Overall length w/front extension and standard Ramp: 126″
*Max lifting height: 45″ 
*Lowered height: 7-1/2″
*Top of platform #1 lock position: 23-1/2″ 
*Top of platform #2 lock position: 28-1/4″
*Top of platform #3 lock position: 32″ 
*Top of platform #4 lock position: 35-1/2″ 
*Top of platform #5 lock position: 38-1/4″ 
*Top of platform #6 lock position: 40-1/2″
* Shipping weight: 832 lbs.

“Motorcycles Not Included”

Key features:
* A combination of power, solid construction, and user-friendly features makes the Ranger RML-1500XL the best motorcycle lift money can buy.
* With little effort, you can easily position, secure and raise motorcycles, bobbers, stretched choppers, trikes and other wheeled and recreational vehicles with ease.
* Features 12-gauge welded-steel construction, a non-skid diamond-plate platform surface and full travel automatic safety locks allowing various working heights.
* Side decks can be easily removed to provide a more compact work area for closer access to bikes when performing maintenance work or cleaning detail.
* A humongous 1,500 lb. lifting capacity handles just about anything that rolls.
* Safe and reliable means it’s been life-cycle tested beyond industry standards.
* Retractable, built-in, full-swivel casters provide stow-and-go capability even when loaded. Precision ball bearings improve roll-ability and are maintenance free.
* A gentle slope, textured diamond-plate approach ramps, and a secondary cheater ramp means even ground huggers can be loaded effortlessly.
* The RML-1500XL gets its power from a potent commercial-grade hydraulic power system that produces big lifting muscle right off the ground.
* A dual-function power unit provides either air or hydraulic pump operation.
* User-friendly controls increases productivity, reduces injuries, saves money, and improves job satisfaction.
* A wide base frame combined with full perimeter tie-down rings provides a stable work environment ensuring bikes and choppers remain upright; tip-over concerns remain a thing of the past.
* Chrome alloy hydraulic cylinder provides smooth controlled operation to keep things nice and civilized and an extended-stroke ram means the RML-1500XL stands tall for improved ergonomics.
* A rigid tubular-steel wheel vise provides better stability and features a hardened steel crank and ergonomic handle for fast and easy set-up. Durable non-slip rubber contact plates help protect expensive wheels.
* A removable rear deck provides drop-down clearance and accessibility for wheel and suspension work.
* A secondary rear deck with built-in dyno-rollers makes easy work out of wheel rotations and turns your motorcycle lift platform into a motoring test simulator.
* Rear vertical support poles provide a secure and stable support for hoist straps or tie-downs for elevated bike testing or other floating required services.
* A removable tool and parts tray can be positioned at multiple Quick-Lock positions located on the perimeter of the lift platform.

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