Overhead Hydraulic Hose same as FJ3103




Overhead Hydraulic Hose for Some Rotary Lifts, 341 Inches Long, that goes across the top of the lift same as FJ3103

This overhead hose fits Standard Height Rotary Lift Models SPOA82, SPOA88, SPOA7, SPO9, SPOA9, SPO10, SPOA10

N3103 Hydraulic Hose for most Rotary Lift 2-post lifts up to 10,000 lb. capacity.

Hose is 3/8 inch I.D. X 5/8 inch O.D. And 341 inch long.

9/16 inch JIC female Fittings on both ends.

The N3103 also replaces the FJ839 Overhead Hydraulic Hose.


This is the OVERHEAD HOSE that goes from the branch “T” on the power unit side to the other side of the lift.

If you are looking for power unit side hose that goes from the power unit to the hydraulic cylinder on the same side as the power unit, this is not the correct hose, you need the Number FJ837 Overhead Hose CLICK THIS LINK

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs


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