Lincoln 3639 Waste Oil Drain and Parts





 Lincoln 3639 Pressurized Waste Oil Evac. Drain

25 Gallon Capacity, Steel Construction

Model 3639 combination used fluid drain and evacuator combines the features of the 3635 drain and 3637 evacuators into a single unit, giving operators the choice to collect fluids by gravity from lift-mounted vehicles or using a venturi to extract fluids directly from reservoirs or through a dipstick tube…

Other standard features and accessories include:

• Convenient tool tray for storing tools and drain plugs

• 7 ft. (2,1 m) nylon-reinforced discharge hose with steel J-hook and
tethered drip plug

• 6 1/2 ft. (2 m) wire-reinforced evacuation hose with shut-off valve
and tethered drip plug

• Venturi vacuum assembly with vacuum level gauge, noise reducing muffler and shut-off valve with Milton M-style quick connect air fitting

• Mercedes, BMW and VW dipstick tube adapters and six evacuation wands of varying flexibility, diameter and length

• Tank-mounted clip and handle hook to secure discharge and evacuation hoses

• Safety valve to prevent over-pressurization

• Combination air chuck/pressure relief valve

• Built-in fluid level sight gauge

• Extended Large Bowl Funnel

Lincoln 278348 Drain Hose Kit

For Oil Drain Models: 3639, 3665, 3669 

HOSE HAS HOOK STYLE DRAIN NOZZLE ON ONE END Note: Drain model 3639 has two hoses on it. This hose has metal hook pipe nozzle on end and threaded adapter on opposite end. Has 3/4 NPT Female Threads on Inlet Fitting

Lincoln 278993 Drain Hose Kit – For Oil Drain Models: 3639

Hose from Funnel Neck to drain tank.

Additional information

Weight 78 lbs
L 3639, 278348, 278993

ONE Lincoln 3639 Oil Drain, ONE Lincoln 278348 Drain Hose Kit, ONE Lincoln 278993 Drain Hose Kit


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