Graco Undercoating, Rustproofing Kit 222077




Fire-Ball® 300 Series 15:1 Undercoating/Rustproofing Package – Portable

Graco Undercoating & Rustproofing Kit for 35 Pound Pail 222077

Fire-Ball 300, 15:1 Undercoating & Rust-Proofing Sprayer Kit 

Fits 35 Pound Material Pail (Pail NOT Included)

Has 15 Foot Hose Length

Has 206405 Pump

1  1 206405 EA PUMP, FIREBALL, 300, U-COAT, 35 LB
Length:36 Height:10.8 Width:9.6 in.
Chargeable Weight:22.485 LBS
Length:.9144 Height:.27432 Width:.24384 m.
Chargeable Weight:10.194 KG
– Breakdown Component Item from 222077 1
1  1 222079 EA KIT, DISPENSE UCOAT 15′
Length:13.5 Height:12 Width:12 in.
Chargeable Weight:13 LBS
Length:.3429 Height:.3048 Width:.3048 m.
Chargeable Weight:5.897 KG
– Breakdown Component Item from 222077 2
1  1 222058 EA KIT, COVER,5 GAL
Length:14.4 Height:3.6 Width:14.4 in.
Chargeable Weight:4.497 LBS
Length:.36576 Height:.09144 Width:.36576 m.
Chargeable Weight:2.039 KG
– Breakdown Component Item from 222077 3
UPC: 00633955457621

As the mainstay pump in the industry for decades, the reputation of Fire-Ball is unrivaled. Built to withstand the test of time with fewer moving parts, our flagship pump is built to extend uptime so customers can be more productive. The durable pumps are renowned for their durability, with pumps built decades ago still operating efficiently.

Install the Fire-Ball 300 15:1 in high pressure, medium volume undercoating and rustproofing applications such as automotive dealerships, fast lube centers, and service shops.

  • Reliable Flow – A 3 inch (76.2 mm) differential air motor and the double-acting pump design provides reliable fluid flow and accurate dispense.
  • Durable – Thick cast aluminum air motor housing offers unmatched durability.
  • Fewer Repairs – Fewer moving parts in the air motor assembly means less downtime and low repair cost.
  • Extended Seal Life – In-line pump design aligns the air motor piston and fluid piston rods to maximize seal life.
  • Reduce Downtime – Displacement rods have minimal wear due to a proprietary Graco manufacturing process.
  • Superior Sealing – Non-metallic poppet valves offer positive sealing performance, even with contaminated “dirty” air environments for long life without repair.
  • Reduced Icing – Large air porting design provides efficient use of compressed air supply for continuous pump operation and reduced icing.
  • Corrosion-Resistant – Corrosion-resistant design utilizes liquid salt nitriding, nickel plating, stainless steel, aluminum and chrome on key components for longer life.



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