Forward F12 Two-Post Lift


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F12 Two-Post Lift Features:

Forward’s F12 two-post lift is gold certified with a 12,000 pound capacity for raising most passenger cars, trucks, and vans. With two heavy-duty push hydraulic cylinders designed to increase lift performance and minimize down-time. Cylinders are located in each column concealed within the carriage itself. Durable powder coat finish provides exceptional protection from the wears a shop will see over the years. Forward’s spring operated arm restraints are just one feature that keep these heavy duty lift arms constantly performing at their peak performance.

Additional Features:

Hydraulic cylinders in each column
Full Stroke
Cylinder rod concealed inside carriage
72-1/2″ Rise | 77-1/2″ Rise (With 5″ adapter extensions)
2-stage front and rear arms
Overhead cable equalization
Single Point lock release
Large rubber-padded swivel adapter with extra height extensions (3.5″ and 5″)
Spring operated arm restraints, disengage at floor level
Durable powder coat finish

Standard Lift Colors RED or BLUE

F12N-303 Overall Height 143″ (11′ – 11″)

F12N-302 Overall Height 154″ (12′ – 11″)

F12N-300 Overall Height 166″ (13′ – 11″)

F12N-301 Overall Height 178″ (14′ – 11″)


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