Fore and Aft 24,000 Pound Capacity In-Ground Truck Lift Model 2P-105-RF (Recessed Adapters)

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Fore and Aft 24,000 Pound Capacity Truck Lift Model 2P-105- RF (Recessed Front & Rear Cylinder)

$30,000.00 Delivered CALL 630-678-9010 TO ORDER OR ADD & SUBTRACT OPTIONS


The Standard lift consists of the following:

Front & Rear Frame complete with cylinder cover doors and wheel chocks.

Heavy Duty Front and Rear 10-5/8″ Diameter Hydraulic Cylinders.

All steel 12-foot front pit frame with pit covers.

Two roller axles on pit trolley for movement of cylinder assembly and adjustment to wheelbase.

Standard manual ratchet for front cylinder movement and precise placement under the vehicle.

Floor controls in control box extension on the passenger side of vehicle complete with 3-core oil control valve, air valve and complete steel covers.

Front and rear axle engaging saddles with standard saddle axle adapters

Each cylinder is provided with a standard single flipper non-rotator/safety leg.

Rear Fiber-glassed Hydraulic Cylinder, Front Cylinder Painted and Painted Oil/Air Tank – For Glassed Oil Tank Add $600.00

Optional 14 foot track length $700.00


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