Castrol Tubes of Pyroplex Blue 2 Chassis Grease


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Castrol 10 Tubes of Pyroplex Blue 2 Chassis Grease

Castrol Pyroplex Blue maintains mobility while building tack and adhesion when faced with water contamination. Hydro-Activated™ technology helps Castrol Pyroplex Blue resist softening and washout when exposed to wet conditions on a continual basis.

Castrol Pyroplex Blue is the ultimate lubricant for challenging on and off highway environments where water is present. Castrol Pyroplex Blue’s unique multifunctional solid lubricant additive builds up tack and adhesion when exposed to water and humidity in saturated environments, while resisting softening and washing out. In high temperature environments, film strength is increased between metal surfaces, and the affinity for metal surfaces is enhanced. This produces a slippery physical barrier of protection.

Castrol Pyroplex Blue Qualities:

  • Multifunctional use for both on and off road.
  • Better adhesion with improved mobility.
  • Increased tack and adhesion in the presence of water (note water spray-off).
  • Enhanced extreme pressure and anti-wear performance (note four ball weld).
  • Excellent high temperature performance (note drop point).
  • GC-LB approved grease.
  • Superior rust and oxidation control.

Castrol Pyroplex Blue’s Dependable performance under varying conditions reduces maintenance costs while extending equipment life. Castrol Pyroplex Blue’s environmental impact is reduced through the non-utilization of Antimony, Barium, Lead, or Chlorinated Compounds.


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