BendPak HD-9SW Double Wide


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Approximate Two to Three Week Production Build Time…

HD-9SW (5175023)

90” Height, 202” Width, 200” Length

9,000-lb. Capacity / Four-Post Lift / Dual Platform / Super Wide

To accommodate super-wide vehicles on a 9,000-lb. capacity four-post lift, choose the HD-9SW. The “SW” stands for super-wide, and it’s the ideal four-post lift to double your parking and/or service wider vehicles.

The BendPak HD-9SW is an industrial-strength 9,000-lb. capacity lift. The super-wide design allows this lift to raise and store two vehicles simultaneously on four runways, while the shorter ramp design means that the lift fits in tighter shops and garages. When you add in all of the optional kits, this becomes one extremely adaptable four-post. As with all BendPak products, they’ve engineered the HD-9SW to be tougher and safer than it needs to be.

The HD-9SW is the standard rise version of this lift. If you are looking to go even taller, consider the HD-9SWX.

  • Standard rise
  • Runways accommodate wide or narrow vehicles
  • Runways include rail-kit for optional accessories
  • Electric / hydraulic 220V single phase power unit
  • Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway
  • Fully enclosed lifting cables, safety locks and sheaves
  • Internal anti-sway slider blocks in each column
  • Oversized self-lubricating cable rollers
  • Oversized sheave diameter reduces cable fatigue
  • High-speed lifting
  • Features heavy-duty 3/8″ aircraft cable
  • Rugged 1-1/4″ roller axles
  • Multi-position safety locks in each column
  • Adjustable lock ladders
  • Runways feature non-skid surface
  • Push-button pneumatic safety release
  • Independent backup slack-cable safety latches
  • Inside runways adjust for different tread widths
  • Removable approach ramps for additional drive-under clearance
  • Optional drive-thru ramps available
  • Optional drip trays available
  • Optional solid deck available to increase storage capacity
  • Optional 4,500-lb. air / hydraulic rolling jacks available
  • Lifting capacity*: 9,000 lbs.
  • *Max capacity / front axle: 4,500 lbs.
  • *Max capacity / rear axle: 4,500 lbs.
  • Locking positions: 12
  • Lock spacing: every 4″
  • Lifting time: 55 sec
  • Motor: 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
  • Shipping weight: 2,892 lbs.
  • Shipping dimensions: 204″ x 24″ x 42″

Note: An air supply (minimum: 30 psi / 3 CFM) is required for the safety-lock mechanisms to disengage. It is solely the responsibility of the end-user to provide, install and maintain the air supply.


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