Alemite Oil Reel 1/2 in. ID x 50-Foot-Long Hose

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Alemite 8078-D Heavy Duty Oil Reel, 1500 PSI Maximum Pressure, 1/2-inch I.D. x 50 ft.

Includes Delivery Hose, Color Maroon, 75 lbs Weight

Alemite 8078-D oil-compatible heavy duty hose reel is adjustable and versatile. Its five position guide arm allows hose to release at optimum position and its narrow design allows for efficient use of available space. The reel assembly contains bare reel 7335-B (maroon color), a 50 ft. delivery hose 317813-50 – 1/2″ ID and 1/2″ NPTF (m) outlet, a 24″ connecting hose 317813-2 featuring 1/2″ NPTF (m) inlet, a hose stop, and union. Maximum operating pressure is 1500 psi. The reel assembly weighs 58 lb.

Alemite Heavy Duty Reels set the industry standard for reliable, rugged performance in tough work environments. Engineered for optimum performance and safety, Alemite Heavy Duty Reels are appropriate for a wide range of demanding applications.

Alemite reels are the standards for quality and durability in the lubrication industry. High attention to detail in material selection, construction and testing ensure that Alemite reels perform well every time, providing a key component in a safe and efficient operation.

Superior performance – swivel and reel ball bearings reduce torque load on power spring for smooth retraction every time
Anti-lockout design – ratchet prevents lockup when hose is fully extended, eliminating the need to manually release the pawl at the reel
Corrosion resistant – sealed bearings prevent contamination and minimize maintenance, a critical performance factor in dirty environments
Easy installation and maintenance – factory lubricated one piece power spring cassette makes installation and maintenance safe and easy
Durable – heavy metal arbor design withstands extreme stress and eliminates breakage associated with non-metal and light weight metal arbors

Alemite 8078-D heavy duty 50′ Hose reel. Alemite’s most popular reel. For oil, ATF, hydraulic, antifreeze fluids

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Weight 75 lbs


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